After The End

Ever wonder what would happen if the hero failed? What would happen if the Darkness covered the entire land? What if slavery, rape, and murder are all so commonplace that no one even recognizes them as crimes anymore?

When the first great city fell the rest barely even resisted. After a few years of torture. the human population slid into complacency as monsters rand through the countryside and demons ruled over them from massive towers and palaces.

This didn’t mean heroes weren’t born, they just never knew what they were intended to do. The lore guiding them was lost, the ancient weapons meant to defeat the demons destroyed.

And then there was an accident… an opportunity that no one could have foreseen.



A random dead body leads to Seth gaining a real identity for the first time in his life. He thinks this is going to simply be an upgrade in social status, but as the new identity is much more important than he realizes and a simple trip to find the ruins of Colehearst, the legendary first city, may have world altering consequences.