Resurrection, Chapter 19

Eric had blocked himself off from everything, a miniature cone of silence around him. It was a holiday and the Dead seemed to think that their being dead meant they had to ruin every possible enjoyable moment for him.

He had to go interrupt a family’s first Christmas without Dad just because Dad had to tell them he was sorry he was a mean drunk. Honestly, they were probably better off without him. The star high school athlete wants to tell his mother he only had a joint before he flew out of his best friend’s car and into a tree? Like they’d ever believe that. Sure the Dead have no reason to lie, but it doesn’t mean they can’t and most people realize it.

He’d given up on warding his bedroom. There was too much time of him being there unable to maintain the defense, which eroded the foundation he was trying to craft the wards on. Instead he was dozing in his father’s rarely used study, marveling at the glorious silence.

He was a strong adherent to the Church of the Silence. It made him more mysterious if someone asked him a question and he just fell silent.

He smiled to himself. Rob would say it made him a dick.

The door opened slightly. He opened his eyes and saw Helena peering inside.

“May I come in?” she asked.

“Sure.” he replied, shifting the ward to compensate for her. He saw her jolt slightly as she closed the door, he assumed her powered were being somewhat truncated by his warding. She didn’t talk to the dead, she talked to other, worse things, which granted her premonitions, but it was a similar wavelength to his necromancy.

She walked over and took the seat across from the desk. She watched Eric as he started to doze off again,

“Why do you block them out?” She asked.

“Because they’re noisy and annoying.” he answered.

“But what you do…” she said, “it’s important. It needs to be done.”

Eric laughed, “That’s cute.”

She frowned disturbed by his condescension.

He opened his eyes, “Look, what would happen if you refused to follow your visions?”

“I don’t know.” She replied, “I can’t know. As soon as I act on them I alter the course of them. I have no way to explore the consequences without interacting with them.”

“Then why do you bother?” he asked, “How do you know you aren’t making things worse?”

“Why else would I have this gift?” she countered.

Eric shrugged, “Who knows? Maybe I’d take it more seriously if I had great powerful beings giving me visions, but I have a bunch of normal average people who think I’m their glorified messenger.”

She considered his answer, frowning, “I have Rob telling me to trust my powers and you telling me to ignore them.”

“Rob’s an optimist.” Eric pointed out, “I see nothing but death.”

“You haven’t forgiven me have you?” She asked softly.

“I’ll never forgive you. You see, unlike my brother, I do not love you.” He smiled maliciously, “I have a great amount of distain for you. Don’t ask why,” He said, cutting her off before she could begin, “You took my brother away from me. You seduced me. And yet you want to be friends. I can stand being in the same room as you for my brother’s sake, but only just.”

She’d turned deep red, but she didn’t leave, “I’m pregnant,”

“Duh.” He replied, “Figured that out before you started showing.”

“It could be yours.” She said.

“It’s a possibility they could be mine.” he conceded.

“You won’t hold it against him or her, will you?”

“Of course not.” Eric replied. “I’m not needlessly cruel. Anyway,” his gaze drifted down to her belly, “I prefer to look at them when you’re in the room.”

She tried to follow, looking down at her own stomach, placing her hand there reflexively, “You can see…?”

“It’s not all about death. Once I thought to look…” he shrugged.

She tensed, “You said ‘they’…”

“Everyone starts out as twins.” he said absently, before looking around the room, suspiciously, “Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?” She asked, “I’ve been covered with a wool blanket between me and my sorcery since I walked in the room.”

It took no energy and barely a thought to drop the wards he’d built around the room, but before the newfound knowledge could be made use of, the room fell apart.