Resurrection, Chapter 20

The force of the blast made Eric fly back, but he never had to think about diverting heat. He liked things cold, and while this was a lot more heat than he usually dealt with, it remained the same concept.

Helena had taken the brunt of the blast as the door had flown across the room and knocked her down. The flames had burst through the room and escaped out the windows behind him, but not before charring the room and catching dozens of books on fire as well as the carpet.

He shoved the door off her and picked her up, setting her on her feet, barely checking her for injury.

“What happened?” she asked blearily. It was entirely possible she didn’t remember getting hit by the door.

“My ex is here,” Eric replied, “You should get out.”

She shook her head as she turned towards the doorway, “No. I’m…” she stumbled as soon as she was free of Eric’s grip.

“This isn’t your fight,” He said, “This is a family matter and you aren’t quite family yet.”

“You expect me to just walk away?” She demanded, “She killed my brother!”

“Rob and I will handle it,” Eric told her, “Meanwhile, you should go to Ethan.”

“Why?” She asked.

Eric shrugged, “In case we don’t.”

He left her, hoping she’d make the right decision. He walked quickly along the hallway, not gathering energy, but using it. He pulled the heat of the fire out of the house and sent it away. Even Los Angeles gets chilly in December, so there was no lack of direction for it and it made the trip through the hallways more bearable.

He dimly detected where his father and stepmother were, but the more pressing matter was where his brother was grappling with Alessa.

Rob had played into her hands. She knew he was going to set her on fire the moment he sensed her so she brought along enough gas to blow the house up. Luckily, it hadn’t had a chance to truly spread before Rob detonated it.

Even so, the kitchen didn’t exist anymore, nor did the living room. Rob was crouched down where the sofa had been, a visible aura of energy surrounding him protecting him as he tried to recover from being in the center of the massive inferno.

He was hairless and his clothing was barely hanging on, but he was not on fire, which was something of an odd state for him, come to think of it. He appeared to have healed most of his skin, not to mention anything that was no longer visible.

Alessa stood across from him in an awkward stance – or it would have been awkward to most anyone else, as Eric could see the Dead holding her still, dragging her lower, millimeter, by millimeter. They were doing a better job than the ones he’d conjured forth the first day he’d revived. She hadn’t moved an inch, but was attempting to strike Rob down from where she stood while he was recovering from the explosion.

The raw energy she’d been throwing at Rob redirected towards Eric instantly. He ducked to the side to avoid the first volley as he crafted a defense then turned to face her calmly, the energy dissipating harmless around him.

“Did you really think this would work?” he asked.

Alessa glared at him, pausing in her throws, focusing on pulling away from the Dead holding her captive.

“Who do have holding me?” She demanded, “The moment they lose strength I’ll tear out your throat.”

Eric shrugged, “I have no idea. I didn’t summon them.”

“Liar.” she raged attempting to use the anger to move closer to him, but the plan, backfired as she stumbled to the ground, her body suffering.

Eric walked up her helpless form sighing, “I’m not alone here. I live here with up to, what six or seven other people depending on the day of the week.”

With a burst of strength, Alessa leapt from her prone position to Eric’s throat. Her teeth didn’t simply clamp on, they tore through, severing his windpipe and all the crucial arteries and veins.

He reacted instantly piercing her body with dozens of thin sharp branches of ice which immediately melted from the intense heat of the burning building. It had no effect on her as she fed on Eric’s blood.

She stopped almost as quickly as she began. frozen in mid swallow he felt her pulled off of him. Lisa stood behind where her daughter had just been, her hands still shaking from where they’d held the spear that had previously lived in the master bedroom.

He coughed, clutching his throat, desperately wanting to get off another one liner “I told you I wasn’t alone.”

Eric woke up on a hospital bed that felt too small. Probably because Rob was lying next to him,

“Why don’t you have your own bed?” he asked hoarsely, only after speaking realizing he shouldn’t have been able to.

“I do, it’s just uncomfortable and I’m not feeling very well laying here.” Rob replied, “So I thought I’d cozy up to you. By the way, you make an excellent ice pack.”

Eric turned to look at his brother and it was impossible to tell that Rob had been flambeed save for his lack of hair.

Rob was examining Eric’s throat, “Of course, I couldn’t have done that even if Dad had let me try.”

Eric felt his throat, and it was completely intact. He glanced around the room and found it empty.

“Where are Dad and Lisa?”

“Lisa’s making hotel arrangements, because apparently my place isn’t good enough for her, and Dad is overseeing the carpetbombing of our previous residence. He wants to ensure that Alessa really is gone.”

Eric stared at the ceiling, “So that’s it. She’s dead.”

“About as dead as you can be. Disassembled and cremated. A pretty absolute way to kill a vampire.”

“What happens now?”

“You get your degree in far too short of time. I save Ethan from a fate worse then death. Oh, and I spend some time a natural blond as I wait for my hair to grow in.”

Eric laughed, “You, blond. People will be able to tell us apart.”

“We could easily fix that Mr. I-dye-my-eyebrows.”

“Hey, no need to get crazy.” Eric said, “Do we have an out time?”

“God if I know.” Rob replied closing his eyes.

“Cool. Now get off the bed. You’re making it too hot.

Rob smiled faintly, “I would but I’ve been having some trouble walking tonight.”

Eric bit back a snide comment, looking over his brother again. He’d been so impressed with the lack of burns, he hadn’t noticed the pallor of his skin or the sheen of sweat across his body. Rob was feverish, even for him.

‘You make a good ice pack’ he’d said, Eric rolled his eyes and shifted both of them more center on the bed, “I guess you’ll have to stay.”

Rob didn’t respond, though his lips moved slightly like he might have intented to. Eric pulled him closer and tried to go back to sleep.