Resurrection, Chapter 24

I should have gone for a head shot, Haynes thought as he saw the inevitable happening before his eyes and could do nothing to stop it.

Rob rushed forward and wrapped his arms around Ethan, who seemed to have regained control of his body, but they way he moved revealed the fallacy.

Ethan had drawn his arms across his chest and when Rob took hold of him, he shoved them into Rob’s rib cage.

There was a flash of light as both of them fell away from each other. The plaza was immediately brighter, though the dimness hadn’t been apparent before. Above them the eclipse was ending, and the moon was coming back into view.

Ethan was moving, slightly dazed and attempting to get up. Rob was still on the ground.

An earth shattering crack resounded through out the street and the massive walls of ice fell, crashing down in rolls of thunder.

He grabbed the stunned Helena and pulled her out of the way of a falling glacier. As soon as one hit, another one fell and another. They huddled together waiting for it to finish, occasionally, Haynes forced one off in a random direction.

He could barely make out Ethan. He’d crawled over to Rob’s body, but wasn’t touching it.

Eric was running towards them and past them, tears streaming down his face. He skidded to a halt near his brother’s body staring at it in disbelief. The chunks of ice were still falling, but they suddenly avoided where they were. In the background there were sirens.

“It really wasn’t necessary to run all the way over here,” Rob was saying, “We could have talked over there.”

Haynes did a double take. Rob was standing on the other side of the Eric, looking rather calm and composed. But it wasn’t him. He looked fuller, fitter. His hair was back and he was dressed differently.

He caught Haynes looking at him, “Oh.” he said sounding intrigued.

“You’re dead.” Haynes said dumbly.

“Yup,” Rob said, walking over to them. He knelt down to Helena who seemed to be resisting the urge to turn her head to the sound of his voice.

“It’s going to be fine, Lena. It’s not your fault.” he told her, placing a hand on her arm. She jolted back, the dam breaking, she began sobbing in earnest.

Rob turned his attention to Ethan who was still staring at Rob’s corpse.

“It’s okay, Ethan. Everything will be okay now.”

Ethan broke his gaze from the body and stared at the spirit, “I killed you. I killed Josh.”

“Not you. It.”

“I remember doing it. Why didn’t you stop me?” Ethan demanded, “You were supposed to stop me.”

Rob shrugged, “We do stupid things for people we love. Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves for them.”

Ethan tried to reach for Rob, but his fingers just kind drifted through him, “Both of you? But I need you. I need Josh. I need someone.”

“You have plenty of people who love you. Ethan. You’ll be fine.”

“Can you stay?” Ethan begged.

Rob’s eyes became unfocused, “No, I can’t. For one Ric would get pissed off at me in less than twenty-four hours.”

“But…” Ethan tried to come up with an argument, but nothing was coming to mind.

“Wait stop!” Eric shouted as Helena shoved Haynes away and began stalking her way to Rob.

Rob turned, “What are you–” he gasped, stumbling back into his body. He was glowing, becoming more insubstantial by the moment.

And then she touched the Nexus. Night became day with Rob playing the part of the Sun. Ethan was thrown clear as energy ricocheted from Rob and bounced off the buildings. It was like the everything was avoiding Helena and Rob. The trees, the street lamps, the buildings themselves were edging away from.

Raw energy was coursing through Helena, she looked inhuman, hovering a few inches above the ground. With a quick gesture Rob’s spirit collapsed back into his body. The body began moving, breathing.

Or trying to. Rob’s torso was caved in and it looked like all of his blood had already outside of his body. His expression was agony. if he could have taken in a breath he’d have been screaming.

And there was a scream – no, a wail. It screeched out from nowhere and everywhere. Rage, horror, agony, and pain all bound into a single wavering note.

Rob was no longer glowing like a second sun, but Helena still reflected the power she was weaving and now in between her light there were shadows. The shadows were wailing, clawing, screaming towards her, but it was as if she couldn’t see them.

She couldn’t, she only had eyes for Rob.

The shadows drew closer to her, but stopped just short.

Then lightning struck and everything was dark.

Eric got to Rob first, waving over the EMTs, “It’s safe. As safe as it’s going to be anyway.”

They joined him and started cursing, “Dammit, should have left him dead,” One of them said, “I don’t know what we can do for him without a doctor right here.”

Eric grabbed his brother’s hand, “Tape him together enough to get him to the hospital, I’ll make sure he’s still alive when we get there.”

The EMT looked at him questioningly, “Are you sure? He’s going to be in agony the entire time.”

“I have to.” Eric replied.

Haynes ran to Helena, who was laying on her back, the valkyrie had her foot on her chest. It wasn’t like she was going anywhere. The lightning bolt had knocked her out completely.

The valkyrie looked up at his approach “Did you see what she did?”

“I saw,” Haynes replied, “We wanted to stop her but…”

The valkyrie stared as Helena’s unconscious form, “She was so defiant. She broke through boundaries that cannot be broken, have not been broken.”

“Is she alive?” He asked.

She nodded, “Yes, the confluence of ley lines protected her.”

“Will Rob survive?”

She frowned deeply at this, turning around to where the EMTs were now attempting to move him on to a stretcher without making things worse, “He shouldn’t be, but I cannot undo what she has done.” She turned back to him, “There will be Hel to paid. True resurrections are rare. This is only the third I have witnessed myself and I can count all I have heard of on my hands.”

“Should I ask?” Haynes ventured.

“Baldr of Asgard and Yeshua of Nazareth, in that order. Now Robin of Angeles,” She continued looking at Rob, as if she was attempting to discern something. She shook her head, “I must return and inform my liege of what has transpired.”

And with that she vanished.